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What you get

  • A mobile website that has the same look and feel as the desktop version and works optimally on any tablet/smartphone. 
  • A mobile menu with buttons for: Click to Call, Click to Email and Click to get directions to your business location. 
  • Ensure contact with only one touch. Automatic system updates – no maintenance cost, no hidden fee. 
  • Unlimited managed hosting which ensures 99.97% up-time through security checks and constant monitoring. 
  • User friendly website editor which can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world. 
  • Automatic on-page S.E.O. – no need to install and pay for additional S.E.O tools. 
  • Full unrestricted access to all possible tools, plug ins and widgets. 
  • Changes made in the editor apply to both the desktop and mobile version of the website.

What is the process

Website conversion allows you to duplicate your entire website's content, design, images no matter how old your website is exactly as you have it to the fully managed Exai platform. 
  • After you’ve completed the application on this page we can begin the process which takes about 2-3 working days. 
  • Onetime payment for your migration depending on the size of your website 
  • Choose your hosting plan – monthly or yearly (between 9-12 euro per month) 
  • We copy everything that is behind the site (All SEO, meta tags, meta descriptions, page structure). 
  • We want you to maintain your position on Google. 
  • Our engineers verify and use QA to oversee the process. You will also receive a dedicated account manager that will oversee and support the process for you. 
  • All the errors that have accumulated on your website over time, making it slow loading, unresponsive, and generally unreliable will be eliminated in the process. 
There is no downtime associated with transferring your websites to Exai. 

Why you need it

  • Your Website is not mobile friendly and is not recognized by Google's new search ranking criteria. Check your site for Google compatibility HERE. Read about the new changes HERE
  • More than 60% of all internet traffic is conducted on smartphones and portable devices. Don’t miss out on all that traffic! 
  • Exai's platform provides you with full mobile compliance and your website will be MOBILE COMPATIBLE. 
  • Sourcing, hiring and replacing expensive programmers to keep the system and software up-to-date and maintained is a huge expense. 
  • Editing and managing media effectively is a time consumer and site management in general gets out of control. 
  • Exai keeps your website constantly up to date with no hidden costs or monthly fees.

No need to worry about program updates:

EXAI does it for you automatically. Exai’s managed hosting ensures 99.97% uptime of your website. 
Eliminate maintenance cost. 24/7 live support

For more information, you can call us at +1 323 746 8034 or please fill in the form below and one of our 

account managers will give you a call 

 *websites up to 20 pages may take us up to 3 working days