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Exai's Website Builder

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Users with little knowledge can build professional looking websites using Exai’s Website Builder in no time. Exai's three key features include: 

✔  The ability to design, create and maintain personalized content for any website. 

✔  The ability for editors to review and approve content prior to publication. 

✔ Automated, free templates that sync to your exact business field 

Additional features include:

✔  Controlled access to the page allowing for multiple users to modify content Scalable expansion to allow for growth-add up to 100 pages no additional charge; 

✔  Tools that allow for easy editing-All Drag and Drop;

✔ Document management;

✔ Regular software updates;

✔ Ability to display content in various languages; and

✔ Allowing editors to retrieve previous versions of content from the clipboard.