Managed hosting

Your Website Up and Running at all times!

Join Exai for a managed hosting that's reliable and comes with a fast loading speed using Amazon’s CloudFront!

Free Trial, No CC Required, Amazon and Exai: Amazon's CloudFront makes your

website's files (such as HTML, images, and video) available from data centers
around the world (US, Asia, EU) resulting in high data transfer speeds.

Website Up-time: Exai uses a redundant solution that ensures your site never goes
. You will never lose any customers due to your site being unavailable!

Security and hacking: A hacked site is one of the most costly problems to repair. It
can cost you up to $2500+ to repair and days or weeks of downtime.
As Exai’s CMS is fully managed, all the security updates, monitoring and backups are managed for you.
We actively monitor your website and make backups across multiple servers, ensuring
your site does not remain vulnerable.

Start your free trial and get your website up and running with world-class reliability now.   

Websites that load too slowly have very high bounce rates and low Google rankings. This means all the effort you’ve put into your website is for nothing!   


Alternatives to WordPress

Now there’s an alternative to WordPress that’s easy, affordable and scalable. One fixed cost, No Code Necessary, easy drag and drop editor.

On page SEO

No SEO plugins necessary. You’ll make less Mistakes because Exai Auto Assigns Page Descriptions and Assigns H1 Tags to your content.

Create Your Own Website

No design or coding skills are needed. Simply choose a template and apply your content.