Convert Facebook Page to Website

The One and Only Tool that Allows You to Convert any Facebook Page
into a Website!

Exai Web Builder allows you to convert your Facebook Page to a website and manage both through Exai’s Facebook application.

Expand by using Exai’s One Click Migration tool and create a stunning and functional website in just a few minutes, that will have the exact same content on your Facebook Page.

You still have the flexibility to present your pages a little differently. Exai gives you full content control on how you want your product to be displayed. Additionally, manage both platforms, your NEW Website and Facebook page from a SINGLE LOCATION!

True All Round Online Presence: Grow your online presence on both Facebook and Google’s platform. Websites on Exai are Google Mobile Friendly and come with a full set of tools and features to scale and grow your online presence.

Convert your Facebook page to a website with just one click!

Fast & Free

*website hosting costs
11$/mo billed annually or 15$/mo billed monthly

Turn your Facebook page into a wonderful website.
Have your product and services pages converted into a website that sells.

Bring your business or blog page to life with our One-Click Facebook Conversion Tool.
Exai gives you the freedom to express yourself while building your presence.

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You are one click away from having the website your business deserves!


On Page SEO

You’ll make fewer Mistakes because Exai Auto Assigns Page Descriptions and Assigns H1 Tags to your content.   

Alternative to Wordpress

Now there’s an alternative to WordPress that’s easy, affordable and scalable. One fixed cost, No Code Necessary, easy drag and drop editor.

Website Redesign Services

Get affordable Website redesign using Exai’s website builder. Turn your OLD LOOKING website into a modern, fully featured website with a stunning design.