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Transferring your website from Wordpress, Joomla or any other website builder has never been easier! Exai is the best alternative for Wordpress and Joomla, 
that saves costs on website maintenance and gives a look of a modern website. 

We continuously do quality checks ensuring that you have the best website performance! 

Exai AI extracts all website images and page structure from your existing website  to create the basis of your new website. All of your SEO elements remain the same.

  • Quick and easy website transfer from any platform (CMS).
  • No risks - your original website remains live until you're ready to point your domain to the new site
  • Text and content from the existing website can be easily manually copied to the new template. 
  • Cut down over 50% of the work effort associated with a website redesign 
  • Cost saving - fixed monthly or annual cost
  • On Page SEO - your SEO remains complete (pages, page description, meta tags and the entire sitemap)

Select start now from the homepage and select your quote.

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If you have an account just log in, if you do not have an account on Exai simply register.  

After your payment has been validated we will create a new and improved copy of your website and a mobile version of it.  

Exai editor


Are you feeling frustrated at constantly installing plugins?
With Exai you will never have to make updates or search for new compatible plugins again. We take care of all the necessary tools needed in the backend. We manage updates and plugins for you, so that you can focus on your content, look and SEO. 

Is it hard to manage your WordPress website because you can't see the final result while editing? Thanks to our WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) you have insight in the final result, while you are doing the changes.  

Are you having a hard time editing and managing the pictures on your website?
Thanks to Exai's central gallery you can organize your images in categorized folders. With the optimized images in Exai's gallery, your website's performance will significantly improve! The less bytes the browser needs to download, the faster your useful content can be viewed by your readers. As an Exai user, you will also have access to the central gallery where you can organize your images in folders, where they can be easily found. 

Exai hosting


Was your website hacked and you need a programmer to restore it? All EXAI websites are fully secure and backed up in case of someone hacking your website and losing your data.

You paid for a template and now it is hard to configure in a hosting facility? We manage the backend and the hosting so you can design your front end. No configuration is necessary. 

Your hosting facility does not provide 99% uptime or your website has a low upload speed? EXAI uses redundant facility for uptime, and a content delivery distributed servers that deliver Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user. 

Speed is low because your website does not sit on multiple domains? A common browser can send six requests on parallel that is why EXAI scripts and CSS are split to multiple domains.

You thought that WordPress was free only to be disappointed? With EXAI there is one fixed cost and no surprises! 


mobile friendly 

Did you know that a Mobile Friendly Website is a must have today? Not having a mobile-friendly website means you are losing a lot of customers. Are you aware of the high cost for a developer to create one?