What is a website migration

Website migration is a new solution 

from Exai that puts your website

back under your control by allowing you to duplicate it, and migrate it to a fully managed solution on the Exai


You can transfer multiple or individual

websites to Exai's platform and have them all managed from one central CRM.

See HOW our CRM works

The process has been designed for ease of use and accuracy.

We duplicate your website with exactly the same design, look and feel.

Exai has had over 3 years of experience in migrating websites.

You are assigned a dedicated team of experts to oversee and coordinate the process which takes

anywhere up to 2 weeks to complete.

There is no downtime associated with transferring your websites to Exai.

Why you need it!

Many of our clients were plagued at having to keep hiring professionals for website updates

(SEO, Plugin compatibility and updates, etc). Exai's CMS ELIMINATES the issues usually

associated with managing website up-time, plugins, fragmented hiring of professionals, etc.

Here are some other reasons to consider:

Your Website is not mobile friendly and is not recognized by Google's new search ranking criteria

Check your site for Google compatibility HERE. Read about the new changes HERE.

Exai's platform provides you with full mobile compliance and your website will be MOBILE COMPATIBLE.

Any website that becomes difficult to manage in turn becomes time-consuming and cumbersome to use.

As a result, you may find yourself making content updates less frequently which directly results in lower search

engine rankings, lower conversions, and loss of customers.

Sourcing, hiring and replacing expensive programmers to keep the system and software up-to-date and

maintained is a huge expense.

Editing and managing media effectively is a time consumer and site management, in general, gets out of control.

What is the process

Website conversion (See the transfer form here) allows you to duplicate your entire websites content, design, images, in fact, everything exactly as you have it to the fully

managed Exai platform.

We copy everything that is behind the site (All SEO, meta tags, meta descriptions), page structure. We want you to maintain your position on Google.

After you’ve completed the application on this page we can begin the process which takes between 7-10 working days.

Our engineers verify and use QA to oversee the process. You will also receive a dedicated account manager that will oversee and support the process for you.

Please note that not all elements on your websites can be converted. We will suggest alternative elements when required.

No need to worry about program updates!


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