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Finding a job that pays on time as a web developer won’t be an issue again when joining Exai Web Developer Partner program! 

Use your knowledge and skills to convert WordPress websites to Exai's platform. You will have access to our huge marketplace, where customers need a cost-effective and easy to manage solution for moving their website out of WordPress urgently!

Web developer job is to manage Websites Conversions. 

You need a good background in HTML/CSS/PHP, to be able to replicate the original website as precisely as possible. 

It is time-saving! 

No need for submitting proposals anymore. We provide a pipeline of websites projects that are waiting to get a new structure. 

It makes you money! 

Websites are outsourced to you migrate them from any other website builder to Exai, in which case you receive a one-off flat fee (according to our pricing structure). 

You get paid on time. Always! 

Exai acts as an escrow that guarantees your payment on time and we assign customer as soon as you become available! 

It is efficient and quick! 

Your time is money! Efficiency is vital. We pay per project! The less time it takes you to complete a project, the more you make - with no limitations! 

Take advantage of the bulk actions! 

You can apply properties to one page or even the whole site in one click. Fonts, spacing, colors and much more are available to apply anywhere on your site.  


EXAI WEB DEVELOPment process 


As an Exai partner, you will need to commit to our process. We put the process in place to protect you, the customer and the reputation of the marketplace. The process leaves less room for disputes, shows professionalism and brings you more projects to work on. Exai keeps a record of all the changes, edits and correspondence between partners and clients. 

This is the process that needs to be followed: Partners need to check the nature of work the client has chosen. Our pricing and terms are precise, so if a client chooses a 1-7 page site with two mock-ups, that’s what needs to be delivered. The payment process is made upfront by the client to Exai, that acts as an escrow until the project is completed. This clearly establishes the budget and terms for each project.  

Customers trust a process that verifies the project gets done correctly. It's a win-win situation!   

Websites converting PROCESS


 Step 1 

Client submit their desire

The client must submit up to 3 examples of how they would like their website to look. A range of websites to analyze helps you to choose the best fit for the client. The website design should adopt a similar look and feel to the submitted websites. Things like homepage layout, inner page layout, font size and typography and site colors are important for the mock-up you create. 


 Step 2 

Mock-up creation.

You as the partner should assess all design requirements before doing the mock-ups. There need to be created two different mock-ups. One for the Home Page and One for any inner page. If there are additional mock-ups, they must be ordered by the client separately. 


 Step 3 

Client provides the essentials.

The client needs to provide all images/media and logo for the website upfront to the partner via email. Work on the website cannot start without company's logo and images.


 Step 4 

Delivering the trial version of the mock-up 

The main deliverables at this stage are the mock-up of the client's website on Exai, the first visual representation. The site will not have content at this stage. Let's say you have a home page with one layout and four other inner pages all with the same layout (which is actually an inner page layout). You would then make one mock-up for each: Homepage- Mock-up 1 and Inner page - Mock-up 2. 

Designing mock-ups in Exai allows making modifications relatively easy. It keeps the design elements organized in layers and it primes you for making minor changes later on.   

 Step 5 

Review and approval 

This is the cycle of reviewing, tweaking and approving the mock-ups. It takes place until both client and partner are satisfied with the design. This is the easiest time to make changes. Clients can receive up to one sub mock-up per design made. So, for example, the client can request changes to the design and this will result in a sub mock-up, that will be presented to the client later on for approval. 

Be sure the client is satisfied with the product. The project should leave both of you and the client satisfied, with no burned bridges. At this stage, the client should approve the design. 

 Step 6 

Polishing and pre-launch 

Polishing a completed design can make a big difference. Here, you can identify parts of the website that could be improved in small ways and give the finest touch to the website design. Launching Process 

 Step 7 


The website is delivered to the client for to add content and publish their site. 

 Step 8 


Partner is paid by Exai using our billing system. You can withdraw funds from your balance to your bank account or credit card.


on ongoing 

What happens in case of a dispute between the client and the developer? 

In the case of a dispute between partner and clients, Exai will adjudicate to ensure fair business terms for both partner and client. Exai has all the metadata on each project and keeps track of the design process of the system, having full tractability to judge fairly in the case of any disputes.   

Partners should maintain a relationship with the client, by checking in once in a month to make sure everything is going smoothly. This is often appreciated.   

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