Wolff Glass

Evelyn Wolff MD (retired) Cert.GPPsychotherapy has balanced a life in the healing arts as a holistic physician and educator, with that of being the designer at Wolff's Glass Studio in Toronto, Huntsville, and Belleville, Ontario. Her unique artistry combines a finely tuned color sensibility, with a solid apprenticeship in the European tradition of stained glass with Robert Jeckyl, through Sheridan College in Toronto. Independent studies at Ontario College of Art include three-dimensional design, low relief glass casting, silk-screening, and glass painting, with Shirley Fineblit, and Allan Stein.

What is your business about and what are you doing in general?

Okay, my website is to show my stained-glass art and to you know engage possible buyers for my stained glass. To also promote Giclees & Digital Prints of my stained glass so that people can order them and purchase them.

How did you reach this field of stained glass?

I was a... laugh oh that is a very complicated question. I ended up becoming an artist spontaneously after a traumatic incident and I started painting these images that were coming through me and when I continued painting I started wanting to make the paintings look like glass and at the point that I realized that that was what I was doing, I took a trip to Europe to see the best-stained glass that Europe has to offer and as soon as I came back from Europe very inspired by what I’ve seen I a got a hold of shared college in Toronto outside of Toronto and contacted someone to see if I could be apprenticed in the European tradition to make stained glass so I was trained over a couple of years and I started making my own glass and a that is how I get in to it.

So actually you started to working with glass because to some extent you inspired to draw like it was glass

Yes, yeah I was trying to make my paintings look like stained glass, and when I realized that, I thought this is crazy to be working so hard to make paintings look like stained glass. Why don’t I just learn how to make stained glass so that’s what I did.

What do you like especially about stained glass, specifically?

I find glasses incredibly meta-tanium, it’s like looking at a fire or like looking at the water like a lake or a stream. And I think that is why stained glasses are in churches because it takes them to a spiritual dimension and because the quality of the light is changing every hour of the day. I think it truly is a meta-tanium experience to be looking at the glass.

Who mostly are the people that are looking for stained glass?

Well, I think the people who want stained glass are people you know who either love my particular artistry and the way I used it but they are people who really love the aa.. seeing the quality of the light change and we saw life, they don’t just want a piece of art they want a piece of art where the quality of the light changes constantly and where they feel the aliveness inherent in stained glass art. And the one’s who buys Giclees are the one who would love to have a piece of stained glass but they can’t afford it so they can afford a Giclee and love the image and a that’s why they buy it.

I see so it’s either that you go for the stained glass or you try to aspire for stained glass

Aah or that something about the image that I’ve created in stained glass that they are interested in all the information about how that the particular image was aah inspired you know like I often have stories behind each of my pieces about what is it, that how was I inspired to make that piece of stained glass. And that little book that I have “Moments of Wonder” has 21 images of my stained glass and the story of how each one was inspired.

So you also have books that you published, what are the books about?

Yeah. Yes so that the moments of wonder it’s about how each particular stained glass piece was inspired by magical moments in nature and in life. And then my memoir talks about the Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot. It talks about how I became a stained glass artist, what happened, how it inspired me to become a stained glass artist and how I started having these images come through me, a thru automatic drawing because I was taking dictation from the universe about these designs it wasn’t me intellectually designing a piece of the stained glass it was about me being taking dictation from the universe on pieces on designs that came from somewhere beyond.

It sounds like when they say that "inspiration takes over the artist" to some extent

Yes exactly, that is exactly right.

I see, and for how long are you making stained glass actually?

40 some years, I started at the age of 30, I apprenticed, well actually I started at the age of 28 enduring the designs and then at the age of 30 was when I apprenticed art stained glass. And I’ve been doing it ever since the whole while I was a medical doctor and working as a holistic physician and a holistic educator. I was always doing some glass.

How long are you with us?

Aah, I think, since what 2 years.. or 3 years.. 2 years I think since you took over my website and sped it up and made it work right better. Or do you want to know why I wanted to have you people work with me? (sure) Because the reason that was because I really liked my (old)website, I like what it look like and aah but it was an old dinosaur and I wanted to be a automated function wide a modern website and be way faster and also be accessible for mobile phones and for ipads and all of that so what I’ve been able to do by working with EXAI is made this old dinosaur that still looks beautiful but wasn’t functioning very well come in to the modern age so I am absolutely thrilled about being able to do that. (all right, that’s great! and we are happy to be here for you) Yes and I am very excited about the fact that you folks are so meticulous about training people to be able to maintain and upgrade their own websites that is very exciting to me. And the very fact that you trained me to maintain my old websites to a good degree has made me become far more aah versatile in understanding how I can use my website to market my products and the other thing that I am very excited about with EXAI is that when there’s something I don’t want to have to learn to do, that your designers are available and will implement the changes that I want, made incredibly quickly and efficiently and that works like a dream and I just find it almost hard to believe that you offer such aah an amazing service to people who you have work with their websites so thank you, thank you.