Villa Romantique

A stunning hilltop villa and Romanesque style pool situated between Avignon, Orange, Mont Ventoux, the Luberon, St Remy de Provence, Arles, the Camargue, Montpelier, Nimes, Uzés and the Pont du Gard. Built around an old stone tower and renovated with immense style and an abundance of love and care to provide a very high standard of accommodation combining old-style charm and original Provencal features, with modern-day comforts. 

What is your main business?

My main business is my Villa Romantique, in the south of France, in Provence. I live in England, so when I am not there my family uses it, but when we are not there, because we live in England then we let to whoever want to go there and stay for their holidays/vacations.

Sounds like a vacation rental.

Yes, it is a private villa with a pool in Provence. You can see that on my website really.

For how long do you have this villa?

I have owned it since 2003. So, I have owned it for like 16 years. 

How did you find this villa?

Well, I have been searching for 4 years to try and find a really beautiful and really unusual villa in Provence. Of course, the problem is most villas, there, have been built in the last 30-40 years or even in the last 20 years and of course, they are modern. I didn't want a modern like everybody else, I wanted something which is really unique. I searched for 4 years, I used to go down two times or sometimes three times a year to Provence searching for a property that would "Really, really hit me" as I say. That would "Really, really Appeal to me" and finally in 2003, having been looking since 1999, I found this. So, I bought it. Then I renovated it and I love it. For me it is paradise.

When was this villa built?

It is unique. It has an old tower, probably it was a windmill I don't know for sure. Though there are many towers in that area that are in the same shape, I can think of 4 towers in within a few miles that are in the same shape as my tower. I know also that the windows in the tower are from about 1820, so the windows are about 300 years old next year. The windows are certainly from a style that was used in France in 1820.

The whole building isn't from 1820 of course it is really the tower that is 1820, but most of the building is probably from the 19th century.

It is fascinating, very unusual I have never seen anything like it.

Who are the people that stay in the villa?

My visitors come from all over the world. I have had visitors from Australia, South Africa, Russia, America, Canada, Europe & Britain – All over. 

How do you get to all of these people?

I advertise my villa via various agencies, also, of course, I have got my own website, I do pay per click with Google, but I am also on one or two letting agencies as well – on their website. I get also a lot of repeat visitors, because once people have been there once – they want to go back, they tell their friends, so I get a lot of referrals, repeat business & recommended business.

It sounds like some you can't find anywhere.

So is the pool, it is extraordinary and that was built about probably only 25 years ago I renovated it when I went there. The pool is magnificent – it is absolutely unique in every way. It looks like a Roman colonized arena. 

How long do you have the website?

I have had the website since 2003.

When did you migrate the website to EXAI?

About 4-5 months ago.