Tractors Equipment

Tractors Equipment is a family business saturated in Miamisburg Ohio. It all started with me and my spouse selling parts on e-bay in 2003, and from there the business grew with recruiting our daughter in 2007 when it truly became a family business. We are a quality-oriented business, and we offer the best money can buy

What is the story behind your family business, how and when did it start?

Well, I’ve been in business by myself since 1967, I’ve been a professional photographer for 33 years. I’ve moved back to a family farm that we’ve had in Ohio and I’ve just started fooling around and trying to make money, and I started to sell things on eBay and it got bigger from there, I made my own web site, just a simple sheet for selling farm equipment and parts. I have always been in business by myself, if I had someone to work with me it was on a temporary basis. I don’t have an inventory base/storage storefront, I usually have a couple of suppliers, local factories that I get my parts from, and I sell them on e-bay, and keep the difference in price. Usually, use pay pal as a source of payment.

What has been the biggest challenge that you’ve encountered so far?

There have been certain periods when the sales were getting low, but the prices of the products that I sell have always been higher (for more than 100 dollars) and that has been the reason why my business kept going. Overall, I have had success with the products I sell, but I came to a problem regarding my web site. Over half of the hits on the page had been made through a smartphone or a tablet. Therefore, I needed to moderate my website to be compatible with that type of platform and that is when I’ve come to find you. I have had many offers to redo my website, but I have always been offered so-called cookie-cutter ideas, that would not have worked for me, knowing my client base. The thing I liked about you and the main reason I chose you was, that I had the opportunity to mix my hands in the process of redesigning my own page.

Do you have a store, or do you work from home, and do you keep storage?

I work from home. I don’t keep storage, I tend to save money by not having one, excepted when I used to do photography and had a dark room. I use a room from home as a home office and I work from there. I’ve worked from home for the last 17-20 years.

What are your current goals?

I’m on autopilot right now, haha. I’ve been retired and I just want to take it easy and not work harder than I already have been. I have flexible working hours, usually, I’m available from 9 am. I have to have flexible working hours because I am in business with people from all over, that live in different time zones. For example, I can get calls from Mexico, Venezuela, Hawaii, or Canada on the same day. I used to have to hustle more, but over time I have built a stable business and a stable client base.

How long are you with us on EXAI?

It is been a year since I migrate my page to your platform.