The Sailing School of Vidy

The Sailing School of Vidy is located on the port of Lausanne in Switzerland. Its director, Laurent Vörös, a professional devoted entirely to his career tells us about his activity with a friendly tone.

How did your adventure begin?

The sailing school of Vidy was founded 1982 right here on Lake Geneva on the port of Lausanne. So here is a tradition that lasts for more than 35 years and I try to be always close to my clients as my job is my passion. Like this I hope to contribute to set quality standards in this area of activity.

Who are your clients?

At first, I used to welcome sailing boat lovers or tourists who just wanted to take a tour of Lake Geneva and visit the region, I used to organize group boat trips on different occasions festivities, etc.

But today I'm really focused on the sailing or motorboat license, whether for the lake or the sea. My clients are serious people who are big lovers of navigation and who know that at the Sailing School of Vidy, they will be perfectly prepared to face any real situation - in the role of captain of their boat. I also take people on a cruise to the Seychelles Islands or to the West Indies and I share with them unforgettable memories. By the way, I have a free cabin for my next West Indies cruise – if you’re free take your partner and join us! (has a laugh)

And what made you decide to choose EXAI?

My clients were always struggling to find my office despite the brand sign. I really did not know how to solve this problem. One day when I discovered EXAI it was explained to me that it was because I did not have a mobile friendly website and that everyone was using the mobile phone to search the internet. I was immediately intrigued, I wanted to facilitate direct contact with my clients. I came to EXAI and they created a mobile version of my existing website with an integrated Google Maps so that customers see the route to come to my office in only one click. Now it's okay people find me easily.

How long do you have the website on EXAI?

It will be soon 2 years. Time flies!