Hues Books

Hues Books is a tiny publishing site for one author – Patricia Hughes. Her books are all about facts: no children’s books or novels so far, not even detective stories! To her mind, truth really is much stranger than fiction! And She’s only got two themes so far: Anne Lister is the first.

On your website you wrote “To my mind, truth really is much stranger than fiction!” Please enlighten us about this and about how does it relate to your work.

Most of my books are well-researched history, and I've published them myself because no publisher would take them on initially. Anne Lister (1791-1840) lived near Charlotte Bronte (remember Jane Eyre?) and her sisters on the stony moors of northern England. She wrote copious diaries, much of it in secret code. My job as a research associate at Birmingham University in the mid-80s was to translate her coded passages into normal English, and you'll find out more if you read my books. My other main subject is the extra-marital affair of William Butler Yeats the poet and Unionist Senator in Free State Ireland in the 1920s, and his lover, a 25-year-old Catholic woman who was eventually murdered. Both of these are true stories - only a mad person would make them up.

When you were young have you always felt that you are destined to publish books? Or is there something else on your mind that you want to do before?

I always wanted to be a writer but didn't know what to write when I was younger. My income was important as well, so I trained as a teacher and came back to writing much later.

Why did you choose to have a website?

Having my own website was essential. I could fill it with my own creations and sell them independently to people who liked me and my books. Readers were able to contact me directly. And it went much further than my own country, into the whole world.

How long are you with us on EXAI?

I've only been with EXAI for a month - and you're already setting up my website and changing it at my request! It's worth every penny to me because I'm not a programmer.