Ovad Madmoni, DoReMi Pianos

I would like to hear from your profession in general, how long are you in the field?

In everything that has to do with pianos, I am already 54 years. I worked in Israel as an apprentice for 10 years, then I traveled to England for training and studies. I have worked & studied there to treat pianos as a professional. I have also, studied to fix and patch cembalos (Harpsichord). In 1974 cembalo was very popular. After I finished with my studies I returned to Jerusalem and established this business. Today I mainly import pianos from Japan. All of the pianos I import are 2nd hand. In the beginning, I was importing 2nd hand pianos from the United Kingdom, then from Germany and today only from Japan. I deal only with real original Japanese YAMAHA and KAWAI pianos that are manufactured in Japan, as opposed to most YAMAHA pianos that arrive today from Indonesia. In the year 2000 YAMAHA moved their production there and thus I am importing only the authentic Japanese pianos, all around the age of 30-35 years.

How long are you within this business?

My business as an independent, is from 1974, although I have started to work with pianos from 1964. We exist for around 44 years. The store is physically in this location for 20 years. Prior to that, it was in another street nearby for 24 years.

Who are your main Clients?

They are people from all walks of life. Everyone arrives here. Today in Jerusalem the national religious sector is very dominant in everything related to music. I saw that on your EXAI website you offer recommendations for piano teachers in Jerusalem. On my second website (I have two) - the personal one, not the store's website, there is a page that showcases piano teachers (For whoever wants to find one). It contains their address and phone number.

How long do you have the websites (Both Personal & the store's website)?

The websites exist as long as there are websites & as long as the internet exists. This around 20 years or so. In the past, they were built on Flash, but Google was no longer compliant with them and I had to upgrade them.

This is the point in time where you have upgraded them to EXAI websites?

Exactly, yes.

How long are your websites on EXAI?

Around 5-6 years since the time Google stopped being compliant with websites built on Flash.