their payments 
in a 
flexible and 
secure environment

Our ready-to-go website payment platform provides our partners with a more efficient and convenient way to manage customer billing. As an additional enhancement to Exai's CRM the billing feature allows partners to manage all their payments, balance and earnings via the Exai billing system. 

This holds significant benefits for our partners including: 

  • Automated and direct payment - no need to collect payments anymore. 
  • Easy setup subscription and recurring billing for websites. 
  • Flexibility to choose payment schedule.
  • Keep all transaction history up-to-date 
  • No need to employ costly and time-consuming methods usually associated with billing and receiving payments from small business. 
  • It is 100% Free! - No additional charges for using 
  • Exai's customized payment platform. 

Billing is made up of a number of components. For instance: 

  1. You are provided a Partner account which gives you access to using the billing and transaction features 
  2. Under the Your balance on Exai you can see your balance on Exai. This will serve as a local payment option for your websites as a partner.
  3. Your available funds - The funds can be used for payments or they can be withdrawn at any time. This is calculated based on subtracting your balance from reserve deposits. 
  4. Your account balance reflects the difference between your current Exai balance (the amount you pay to Exai) and the amount you have billed your clients. Exai provides a transaction status on each and every transaction. 
  5. A 5% surcharge will be deducted from your account on all credit card payments. In the event of wire payments, the wire fee will also be deducted from your account. 
  6. Reserve deposits and your credit card are under guarantee in the event of any client chargebacks and refunds. This is regulated by law. 
  7. The limit of the transaction fee is up to $1,500.00 per payment. 
For more information about how to make the most out of our full Ecosystem and the tools, we provide to our customers, visit our Partners Program page.  

Our website payment platform provides a number of comprehensive payment options in order to cover all your requirements: 

Bulk payments executed manually

Monthly and annual recurring payments

Individual billing Individually bill your clients based on the personalized services you provide

Exclusive one-time billing


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