Free Motion Backgrounds

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Get on top of one of the most popular trends and take your website to the next level with Exai Web Builder! 

Give your website a modern look by adding a video on your homepage! 

Having a video background on your website's pages gives your visitors a visual experience with a rich and impressive look and feel. On Exai platform you can find free videos that will give a modern touch to your website! 

We have made the process of adding a video to your website as simple as possible. Even basic to none website building skills can get you through the design process of a professional website with stunning video clips. Exai allows you to upload your YouTube Video Content and place it anywhere in your header, body or footer backgrounds. 

Try out our free motion background and you won’t regret. 

It's made to be simple and intuitive with no coding or external plugins needed. 



Widgets allow you to add content to your page without having to write any code yourself.


DRAG and drop

Engage more with content without being dependent on a developer.



Do it yourself! If you’re a small businesses looking for a website solution that’s simple to manage and comes at one fixed cost.