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Many Small Business Websites are struggling to get their Google rank as high as possible, but most of them are failing in the process. This is a result of bad SEO and this can happen due to lack of marketing and technical knowledge, the high cost of SEO experts or developers, etc. 

Clean, well designed and formatted code for the entire website.

The web builder prevents costly SEO errors. The secret is in the automatically assigned tags for titles, subtitles and meta description.

Easy to use dashboard where you can add your keywords and content.

Proper XML site mapping.

Easily integrated Google Analytics into your website.

Using Google's best SEO practices: by default, the EXAI website builder takes the keywords such as the page name and the website name and applies them to all other pages.

Improve your site's ranking in search results, use a strategy that actually works - Exai on page SEO !

When managing content for your website, each industry has specific needs. Having the flexibility to make changes quickly is essential. What's more important is that these changes produce results.

Is there a way to update your keywords and not forget to include accurate page titles or page descriptions? 

- In Exai you have access to your dashboard where you can make changes to all your keywords, page descriptions, titles, etc. The best thing is that these details can be automatically applied to any other page you want. 

Are frequent changes to Google's algorithm upsetting your SEO rank?

- Exai is fully maintained for you to stay up-to-date with all the new adjustments, making your website Google friendly without doing anything manually. 

Are bad Web Design and coding killing your SEO?  

- Exai provides search engine-friendly coding behind the web design. This way your site can be crawled and indexed correctly by the web browsers. 

Is your website being crawled correctly and indexed by Google?

- Exai provides clean and well-designed code and automatically generates an XML sitemap. 

Is your rank low because of page speed? 

- Exai uses Amazon CloudFlare technology to speed up your site's loading time. 


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Finding work and getting client commitment difficult. Exai’s marketplace matches your services directly .


Do it yourself! If you’re small businesses looking for a website solution that’s simple to manage and comes at one fixed cost.


The Core functionality You Need - Creating, Deleting, Editing and Organizing Pages.