Free Web Fonts for Your Website

100’S of Font Types Included in
Our Web Hosting Package

Differentiate your site and keep your visitors focused on your content by using the appropriate fonts!

Exai is the only place on the Internet that adjusts the fonts correctly for you. This helps you choose the font that looks best for your content from our free website fonts database.

Exai allows you to preview each font in our FONT GALLERY before selecting. Fonts are classified by thickness, slant, and size. You have complete control over the fonts you choose by being able to make adjustments to its look and feel.

Using a foreign language like Japanese or Hindi?

No problem! We set you up with the correct compatible font to fit the language you use. Exai also provides you with TTF and WOFF versions so you have full compatibility to all major browsers. Exai has 100’s of font types to choose from and they are included in our web hosting package. Thus, there are no out of pocket expenses to weigh you down!

Productivity and ease of use are some extra important benefits from choosing Exai’s CMS to build your site. Changing all your website fonts across the whole website with a single click action gives you one of the most powerful and efficient features in Exai’s CMS. 

We provide: 

    ✔  A gallery of hundreds of completely FREE fonts to use for your website. Correctly classified fonts organized according to their thickness, slant, width, etc.

      Full language compatibility with over 40 languages

    ✔  Browser compatible with all major browsers



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