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Exai helps you improve your user experience and convert your visitors into paying customers

Avoid losing traffic because of typos

You might not even know it but you're losing thousands of visitors each month due to incorrectly spelled URLs. 

Similarly, your visitors are not aware they're typing the wrong URL. 

In reality, the smallest spelling mistake in your website's URL can lead visitors to a 404 error page. 

When a visitor misspells a webpage on your site, they will be pointed to non-existent resources, internal or external.

This can negatively affect your user experience

Get rid of incorrect inbound 404 links

Dead backlinks that point to your website can negatively affect your SEO.

Inbound links are links that point from other websites to pages on your website. You normally don’t have direct control over those links, so you can’t just fix them when you find them.

We can help you redirect those links to the right web pages on your site.

We can help you provide an outstanding user experience to your customers.

Exai can protect your traffic by analyzing all incoming requests. Our system keeps track of all requests that are coming to your website, which also includes 404 page not found requests. 

If a visitor makes a mistake in the URL of the web page or tries to open a non-existing webpage, we will redirect these requests to existing pages on your website. 

Instead of going through Google Analytics and doing technical things you don't understand, we have a simple solution for you with a simple platform where you can protect yourself against losing traffic.