My Site is Now Mobile Friendly
Stay Up-To-Date

“It came as a huge surprise to me that Google changed it's algorithms and is now insisting on a mobile-friendly site. My site was not mobile friendly (checked with their webs master tool) and was no longer going to appear in Google search rankings! We spend a huge amount of money on web design and content creation. I was left scrambling to find a suitable solution that gave me a compliant mobile site according to Google's new criteria. Glad that I finally found Exai with a solution to migrate my Website cost-effectively while still maintaining my SEO rankings. I can now update site content myself and have it synchronized with the mobile version. Exai did an excellent job providing me with the same web design and elements that I had before. Website migration saved me a lot of anxiety, not to mention a bunch of money and time! I would recommend you use their services and stay up-to-date with the latest tech developments.

John Bower, North Carolina, USA 

I Needed my Website Converted and Effectively Managed
No-Brainer Solution

Hi, Exai website conversion is a fantastic tool and well-suited for customers who want to convert to an in-house fully managed website solution. One of the important reason we chose Exai was the inclusion of fully managed solution that we could easily control. Exai has been wonderful to work with. Our website migration was easy to set up, they have a responsive team and provided great results. 

One very unique and powerful feature is their customized CRM, that allows us to manage every aspect of our site, including setting custom permissions if we want users to work on very specific parts of our site. ”We have seen increased website traffic and blog readership since moving to Exai, and the platform's ease-of-use to makes using this solution a no-brainer. Very satisfied and yes I would recommend you to others.”

Ethan Harris, New York-USA 

40 Page Website Duplicated 
 Excellent Results

“We would be nowhere without being able to convert our website to Exai’s fully managed platform. We needed a solution that could effectively help to convert all our website data from the old platform site over to the new Exai platform. There were 40 pages to be transferred and Exai was able to efficiently and professionally duplicate them all. I want to thank you for helping me with this important process. I now use Exai all the time to edit and manage my own content and media. I am very happy with the website. It is very easy to get around in and now you guys have proven to me that you have great customer service. Thanks for all your help! 

Ted, Florida USA

I Paid a Fee of About $300 to EXAI for Website Duplication, Which is About 20% of the Cost of Building a Website.
Make a Smart Choice

Hi, So I paid $1700 to a company to create a website for my real estate company (I will not mention their name). Then I was linked to a programmer to take care of my website, but my website every once in while would just crush. I made the research and found out that apparently, some plugin on my website was not compatible with the program it was built on (It is called WordPress apparently). This used to happen to me a lot and I don’t have the time to take care of a website since I am a very busy individual. A friend linked me to EXAI where I just filled my website name and they duplicated my website on their platform. It had a fee of about 300$, which is about 20% the cost of building a website (And they copied my whole website – content, design and even meta keywords). They do manage hosting and there I don’t have the problems I used to with my site. I am a busy man and their solutions fit me perfectly!

 George, LA USA