Clean Design
Easy to Learn

"I'm a website designer and love the ability to create simple clean design websites and manage them efficiently. 

Exai's CMS is the perfect tool to support our mission of building a stable and robust website. Exai is a powerful tool that puts all design features I need into one place for ease of use. Creating a company website and having a customized CRM that allows for setting permissions for users is the future and Exai is the right solution to take us there. 

This is our third website that I ‘me creating with Exai and I couldn't be more pleased. Keep up the good work!"

Alice, London UK 

A smart futuristic CMS

Re-arrange all the items 

on the website

I started coding HTML files not very long after CERN issued what they called “The WorldWideWeb (W3)” and described as “a wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents”. 10 years later Content Management Systems (CMS) as WordPress and Drupal changed the way people coded/created websites. Today, 20 years later a new generation of CMS is creating a new revolution in the way we create websites. Those CMS do not require coding at all – I find this very Exciting! 

One good example is EXAI’s platform – where the site almost entirely builds itself. You go through a 5-minute process and boom you have a website! Also, EXAI’s technology knows how to re-arrange all the items on the website according to each new component which is added to the site. Who would believe such a smart futuristic CMS would exist 20 years ago? I know I wouldn’t believe it, but EXAI exist – so you totally can check it out!


I could update my Website by myself!

No need to hire freelancers

In 2010 I hired a small group of freelancers to build me a website and since then I have been hiring freelancers on & to constantly update and take care of my website. I used to consider it as one of the regular expenses of my travel agency, but today I see how stupid I was for that. Today,2015, I am using a website builder platform called EXAI, I found it on google, filled a form with my website’s name and poof! I had a website I could update myself with no need to hiring freelancers. I am working with EXAI for about two months and it is so great since now I am able to have an easy to update Website, and since we are a travel agency I am very dependent on my website. Thank you EXAI, Now I can freely update my own website!

Gabriela, LIMA PERU 

You Don't Need to Worry About Hosting

Be independent

It feels like Exai has invested a lot into their CMS, It is easy to update content, you don’t need to worry about hosting and it enables you to be very independent with your website’s business.


Exai Saved Us Half the Time of Dealing with Half the Science of SEO

Clean Code

We are an SEO company with some experience in the field. EXAI saved us half the time of dealing with half the science of SEO. We literally don’t have to deal with creating search engine friendly design or worry about an error in website’s structure.

Giovanni, ITALY MILAN 

You Don't Even Need a Web Designer  

Try It Yourself

This platform is very useful when you learn it. It doesn’t take much time only some hours, but after that, you don’t need a programmer and if you know basic Photoshop, not even a web designer. I recommend this platform for those who want to have an independent website.


It is Very Convenient to Update Content 

Fast And Easy

I use EXAI for my website. It is very convenient to update content, it gives you a lot of independence which is great.