Needed a Managed Website

Providing Excellence

Jonathan, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the work that Exai partners provided in building our website. These days, it is rare to find a company that ACTUALLY delivers what they promise. I have to say, that you more than delivered. You were prompt, flexible, and your guidance was unparalleled. I am extremely happy with my new website. It looks very professional and is super easy to navigate and manage. A great balance. Thank you very much again and you can be sure I will be referring you, clients. All the best.


We Moved it to Exai and Now We Are on the First Pages of Google

Fast Progress

We are a plumbing company that had a site which was not working properly. We moved it to EXAI and now we are on the first pages of Google!!! We outsourced our SEO which they manage for us. Bottom line is that it's great to have a website that customers can actually find, unlike the crashing website we had before.


I Used to Have a Website Run by a Programmer and a Designer Crew

Deliver The Promised

I have been using EXAI for about 2 months now; I used to have a website run by a programmer and a designer crew. I had troubles with them, but on EXAI I seem to have no trouble at all and my website works smoothly.


We Could Create Mass Websites in Relatively Short Period of Time

Smooth Transition

We are a big website building company. We have a lot of clients requiring websites and we work with several CMS (Content management systems) in the market. With time we learned that EXAI web solutions has the most practical website building solutions for our client. The reason for this is that they generate you an already prepared website where you just have to populate the content. For us it meant we could create mass websites in a relatively short fraction of time. I want to humbly thank EXAI by writing you this and tell you that you should to use EXAI, because it saved me a lot of money, and probably it will save you a lot too.