WordPress page Template

Using a WordPress page template seems straightforward to most beginners. Good graphics, a nice looking theme that attracts attention is what they initially look for. What is many times overlooked is that none of these things will matter if your theme is preventing your audience from finding your site in the first place.

It’s important to know that any WordPress page template relies heavily on widgets and plugins .Keeping those widgets and plugins up to date is critical to your sites success. Many people have complained about downloading beautiful free templates and land up being shocked that the template does not have something like comments enabled or that essential plugins are out of date or even corrupted.

Other problems that users encounter include:

  • Bad HTML Practices — Clean HTML is vital for the performance and functionality of your site, not to mention how Google indexes at your site.
  • Too Much JavaScript Loading — Many WordPress templates love to load every JavaScript library in existence and implement a ton of unnecessary JavaScript. This can make your site sluggish and slow.
  • Poor HTML Formatting — Even some of the best looking free themes out there haven’t taken into consideration the formatting of text.
  • Incomplete Header and Footer Templates — If your theme doesn't have complete footer and header templates then many plugins won’t work.
  • Bad SEO Practices — SEO is hugely important when marketing your website. Many WordPress themes are seen to violate every rule of SEO in the book … one of the most serious issues is their use of h1 & h2 tags as formatting elements rather than as guideposts to important titles. Correctly used H1 tags are one of the most important elements of your site that Google looks to index. For Google to index your site properly you should have exactly 1 unique h1 tag per page and unique h2 tags for sub titles. As long as your onsite SEO is poor, no matter what graphics or templates you use, your site will suffer from high bounce rates and reduced ratings and traffic.

Whether you're a rank beginner or even a seasoned pro its easy to see how day's or even months of effort working on your site can end in a less than desired result. 

Using Exai's CMS for everything from template design to SEO and website maintenance will offer a welcome sense of relief to some of the problems a WordPress page template can create.

  • Fully designed and configured templates
  • SEO functionality that allows correct use of H1 and H2 tags in your webpages
  • Clean code for easy Google page indexing
  • Keywords that you can include in your page settings

With Exai you can use an excellent array of templates that cater to a wide range of industries. All our templates have been optimized for ease of use and excellent design functionality. Exai also puts a large emphasis on SEO and what we call generating clean code. Another benefit of using Exai that all updates for widgets are fully integrated into their website builder. No need to worry about updates or coding issues. 

Fixed budget is also another add on that helps SMB's Constantine spiralling costs for web developers. On Exai you pay a monthly hosting fee and can make us of their website builder, free templates and a huge gallery of images (in case you don't have your own).

You can get a beautiful site up in a anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Exai also offers you the ability to migrate your website onto their platform using the theme you already have. All this is provided to keep your site running efficiently and on budget along with using design and SEO tools to boost your sites popularity.

You can also make use of their in-house- expert team of SEO or design experts that will do any work required on you site while you maintain full control of the site.

The templates Exai provides are geared to a wide range of industries and are provided absolutely free of charge.