Why Wordpress is Not The Best Choice for Your Website

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Wordpress is ok, but in fact, it is not always the best solution and for every website.

Even though Wordpress is the most used website building platform, it is actually created for blogging and not all of the websites have reached their top success level with it.

Here are four reasons why Wordpress (read: open-source platforms) might not be for you, and what is the alternative to it?

The Fact That Is Free Makes It Expensive

Nothing is free today. And most of the times, the “free” services, end up very costly.

For example, you have everything planned for your new business, the last thing is creating a blog for the marketing purposes of your business. You are aware of costs for the content creation, but not for the: 

  • Hosting
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Paying for support and developer ( when something goes wrong)

For start might seem okay, but over time, as your business is growing those list will pull unplanned money out of your business budget. 

The price range for creating and maintaining a website on Wordpress might cost around $72.99 per year, up to $33K a year. But realistically, people spend around $800-$1000 a year on it. 

Let's say you buy hosting and domain name for $60 for the first year, the price for the next years will go up. 

Now when you have the hosting, you need to give your website a nice and fancy look, which might cost from $35 to $100+ for a theme. 

And we all wish it was that simple, but that theme takes time setting up. If you are doing that on your own, will take at least a week to sort it all out and make it look and work as it should. 

After setting up the theme, you need a few plugins, that are crucial for your collecting emails, tracking statistics, etc. that are must for every website. And each one of them cost money. 

Wordpress Itself Is Free, But No Support Comes With It

At least not free support.

Like every other software, it has its own bugs that sometimes even small changes, like updating WP, or updating the theme or plugin can cause so-called “White Screen of Death”.

When this happens, it is very likely you will need a hand to fix this issue. But since WP is free open-source software, there is no real customer support that will help you get your website back.

You will have to go through forums and user groups or pay someone with advanced knowledge to get your website back.

This real issue has left many WP website owners without their website.

Long And Difficult Learning Curve

Let's say you have prepared everything for your business, and you have tried to create a website on WP….

….and it didn’t end up looking as you wish.

Don’t panic.

This is one another disadvantage to Wordpress - it’s a long and not very simple learning curve.

Besides learning how to create a website, you can not maintain your website without the knowledge of how to do it, how and when to upgrade your current version, how to update and configure updates and the time and energy for learning the functionalities of each plugin.  

Designing Your Website

The design of your website is one of the most important aspects of building your online brand and presence.

Today there are many tools and builders that help you create some parts of a design if you are not a designer it is almost impossible to give your website the touch your visitors will turn into customers.

So, no matter what, you will still have to learn web design or pay a designer to do the job for you.

To Sum It Up…

You can still have a stunning website, even without using Wordpress - with less time and money spent on creating and maintaining one.

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