Website Widgets

One of the newest innovations from Exai for 2017 is the use of a global Website Widget on Exai websites. For 2017 Exai has included this new feature on it's easy to use Website Builder.  This new feature allows to apply changes from one widget to all the other similar widgets throughout the website/page.

With over 13 000 new websites being created every day, the need for easy to build websites that come with expanded functionality is growing rapidly. 

For a Web Builder that wants to make life as easy and intuitive as possible ,for anyone building a website  without the need to code, this is a major breakthrough. 

Exai's global widget brings versatility and ease of use to an industry that is plagued by an overabundance of plugins, that cost a lot of money, and open websites up to a never ending stream of confusion (when it comes to choosing what to use). The global widget is an important development for website builders over using cumbersome page by page design and editing.

  • The widgets  are already enabled to run on all Exai Websites and unlike plugins on WordPress they don't cost you anything extra, 
  • They're secure and all the latest updates on Exai are carried out on the backend so there are no upgrades you have to worry about.

The Exai widget enables you to Drag & Drop any widget onto the canvas and choose the properties you want to apply on your site.

Widgets on Exai are extremely versatile.They can be configured to add content, in widget images or background images. They can be styled with color, spacing , borders and unique layout. Free website widgets on Exai give users access to the most updated design features at no extra cost.


Using Global widget functionality means that whenever you choose to make changes to any  widget on your page, you can have the same properties applied in one click to all similar widgets page wide or site wide. Benefits include speed, accuracy when wanting to update your website. 

Widgets can be stored on Exai's Clipboard and used anywhere else on your site. It's like having your own ready to go design panel. Designers can configure widgets in groups, save them on your Exai clipboard and just drag and drop ready to go widgets anywhere on the site. This save an enormous amount of work and speeds up the design process by over 80%. 

Streamlining the design process to make it more efficient is not the only thing Exai's innovative CMS provides. Web Designers that want to partner with Exai also get pre-configured billing and CRM functionality. All this at no extra cost.

For Small and Medium business , the website builder uses Drag and Drop functionality and WYSIWYG technology to give  first time users an easy way design professional looking websites at a fraction of the cost that it takes to put up a WordPress or Joomla site.

To keep track of new developments using Exai, check out our features page HERE or to begin building your very own website