Website Conversion

I wanted to address an important topic known as Website Conversion. We tend to get alot of queries around this subject hence we  thought that it would be a good idea to lay out some thoughts on the subject. The fact is that no amount of search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing can help your bottom line if you cannot convert your visitors into actual customers. 

Luckily, there are a handful of straightforward reasons why your site isn't converting, and all of them can be corrected with relative ease. 

Some insights that we think may be useful in helping to remedy low site conversions include:

  • Giving your visitors the chance to convert and make it easy for them by placing conversion opportunities all over your site. Include them in the header or footer of every page.
  • Evaluate your keywords to see which ones are sending you traffic. Are they relevant to that particular page? If not then no surprise that you have an high bounce rate (page abandonment). In this case make sure to optimize your keywords on the page.
  • Evaluate site compatibility with popular browsers, including mobile devices like tablets and phones. Exai automatically provides you with a mobile friendly website when you use the website builder for creating your site. This is a big advantage for SMB's that need to be available on mobile and smart phone devices. 
  • Use the customer testimonials on your site. Positive customer testimonials are an excellent way to hep give visitors confidence in your product/service.

  • Loading times - Check to make sure your site loads quickly.To measure how quickly a website downloads on various Internet connections go HERE . You can eliminate as many non-essential images as possible on each page and reduce the overall size of the initial HTML page.
  • Limited payment options: Another important issue that comes up are providing only limited payment options to your visitors. Most people purchasing a service or product want to use their chosen payment method. If you don't have it, they will leave! When payment is not provided in the customers local language it will invariably cause  high bounce rates when it comes to conversions. 
  • User distraction:This is a big problem when you try to put too much on your website, too many choices can actually land up pushing your conversions way down. Try and focus on what’s important for your users vs giving them too many choices. 
  • You aren't targeting the right people. If that's the case adjust your design according to user demographics.

Address these problem areas as soon as you can—every lost conversion is a lost sale, and lost dollars you may never be able to recover. If trying to make corrections to your site seems to complicated or you just don’t’ have the time maybe you should consider outsourcing your web design and SEO to one of Exai’s accredited partners. See the range of features here .