Online Photo Effects

In this blog post, we’re going to focus on creating online photo effects and how to edit your images using the special effects in EXAI’s website builder. Images and adding online photo effects are essential for any website. They enhance your design and capture your visitors’ attention.

You want your website content to be good, but the images are what first grabs visitors attention, therefore you want them to be visually attractive. 

To edit your images in Exai website builder, you need to enter the Content Management System. Click on the image you wish to edit. To edit an image combined with another item, first, click on the item and then on the image. For example, to edit an image located within an article, first, click on the article item and then on the image itself. To edit an image located within the header, first, click on the header and then on the desired image. Then click the pencil icon in the header items menu on the right to edit that image.

Using the images editing menu, you can select an image, apply image effects, and add a fade.

Enter the select image tab to either upload your own image or browse through our image gallery using the advanced search. Images you upload or select will be added to 'My Gallery', so you can access them at any point while designing your website. You can also crop the image and set its title. (Tip: adding a title to every image is great for Search Engine Optimization). 
Enter the image effects tab to add special effects to your image. You can apply effects such as black and white or sepia, and change the degree of Transparency, Contrast, Brightness, and Saturation. You can also rotate and flip your image.

Enter the Fade Effects tab to add fade to your image. You can apply fade from different directions and alter the degree of Fade Weight.

Check out these images edited using EXAI’s website design options: 





The best web design has eye-catching images that complement the website’s content. Use these editing tools to advance the appearance of your website.

Look for upcoming tutorials on how to design a website on Exai Support Website.

To sum up…

Each one of the effects can be used to create beautiful and eye-catchy images.

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