Minimalist Web Design

We wanted to address some of the components of a minimalist web design strategy for web design.

Minimalist Web design seeks to simplify webpages to their most basic elements,providing a clear presentation of essential information. 

Clutter and in-your-face page elements are strongly discouraged in webpages that employ minimalist Web design.

Let's look at some of the principles of this school of thought: 

FOCAL POINT: This involves including one major graphic or design element on the page that draws a visitor's eye like including large and vivid photography with ample negative space – expansive skies, or empty white walls is generally what we look for.

Exai's templates are a good example of providing you with the design that meets these needs. Just choose your template and begin replacing your content.


Exai's Web Builder put's an emphasis on helping you create the most user friendly site. Template are set out to consider users’ needs. The Web Builder makes  adding widget blocks as simple as possible. 
Other things to look out for:
  • What you leave out of a design is just as important as what you put in. White space is critical to emphasizing certain elements over others.
  • Bring immediate focus to your site by incorporating dramatic typography. You can use Exai's gallery of free fonts for this purpose. 
  • Create Contrast:for example a white background provides the perfect canvas for contrast. 
  • Links should be easy to identify and click on 
  • Always provide a way to go home Never disable the back button 
  • The navigation should be consistent and intuitive to use 
  • The content should be readable with clearly defined headings The code should be clean and comply with the latest web standards Ensure your site displays and functions properly on all browsers