How to optimize your dedicated  mobile website

Every Website Must Have It!

Why the best option to optimizing your mobile site is having a dedicated mobile site that you can edit :

  • Visitors that have a bad mobile experience will turn to your competitors instead.
  • Huge volume of people searching on mobile devices demand great usability. 
  • Because responsive sites can miss making important content and calls to action visible so you can’t rely on a one solution fits all approach.
  • Having a dedicated mobile site allows for maximum flexibility and control.

Exai gives you full control of how you want your mobile site to look, what order your content needs to be in and where your call to actions should be positioned for the best results.  

What it means for you:

  • Lower Costs: Using Exai you can keep costs low because there is no extra charge for a mobile site on Exai
  • Less WorkAll content is updated from one place—no need to manage content separately.
  • Target your customers on mobile with creating better visibility for content and calls to action 
  • Make your mobile site work at scale , unlike other solutions 
  • Google Mobile friendly 

Ease of use:

  • No code needed
  • Drag and drop in real time. Re order content blocks in a click.
  • Dedicated Tablet and smartphone optimized to cater for every size of device 

The problem with Responsive sites: Responsive website technology forces compromise and requires designers to struggle with one size fits all. Using Exai allows you to design separately for desktop, tablet and phone, so you can design what’s best for each.

Responsive design is a compromise. It is a subjective decision by the designer that the desktop display will not be optimal on mobile devices, followed up by a subjective decision as to what will be. 

To begin using Exai, click HERE, choose a colour palette and template and you'll be ready to begin adding content and publishing your site.