How To Make A Website Mobile Friendly

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Every business needs to have a website. To make sure you always capture the largest audience, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website. 

In case you have missed the information, Google’s algorithm brought the so-called Mobilegedon, which punished the websites that are not mobile-friendly, by decreasing the site’s ranking in mobile search results. This is something everyone in the web market who manage a website should know and be aware of every Google’s change. 

Therefore, we will share with you tips on how to make website mobile friendly, it is either a blog, an e-commerce site or an affiliate site.

Why Is Important To Have A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Desktops were the leaders when it comes to shopping online for some time, now we rapidly move to a multi-platform world, including mobile apps. 

However, now there are much more people using mobile devices to browse the internet, shop online every day, do their banking activities, with many users switching from one to another platform depending on how involved the buying process is. For example, somebody can use one-click purchasing to quickly buy a song or an ebook that will be delivered to their device. 

However, someone making a bigger decision like buying a health insurance will want to sit down at a desktop instead. 

Tips On How To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Here are a few tips on how to make website mobile friendly. You can use them to make sure your website works as well for your mobile visitors as it does for your desktop users. 

Make Information People Look For Easier To Find

Most of the people who browse the internet through their mobile devices, want to find the information they need as fast and as easily as possible. You can think about the information that people on mobile devices are most likely to want to find for when are on your website and put that information as obvious as possible and easy to find on your mobile homepage. 

A page that users usually look for is the FAQs page. It will not make sense to put all the answers at the top of your home page, but consider making it easy to find and navigate to on a mobile device.

Don’t use Flash

Nowadays, Flash is bad for SEO. Therefore, it fell out of favor years ago. Flash can slow down the page loading time and the biggest web browsers and devices decided to ban Flash. 

If your website depends on Flash item, your mobile users will be left out. At this point, it is best to scrap the technology all together on your website and find strong web design that works well. 

Exai has a solution for the Flash items. We transfer each Flash item into HTML.

Make Your Buttons Size Large Enough to Work on Mobile

When on a desktop, it is easy to click to any button size, but when you are trying to “click” with your fingers on a much smaller size smartphone screen, the small buttons are hard to deal with. Things get worse if there are multiple buttons next to each other - pressing one button, instead of the one you wanted in the first place, can cause real annoyance for your visitors. 

The best way to save your website visitors from this situation is to use bigger buttons. Every time you add a button to your website and for those that are already there, get people around you to test them if the size works well. Make sure they are easily clickable, and if not, update them so they are.

Compress images

When it comes to the loading time of your website, you always want it to load as fast as possible. That speed is even more important for mobile searches. This means another tip for making your website mobile-friendly is to compress anything that takes a lot of space and slows down the website loading time. 

By speeding up your website, you can make sure that visitors have a positive experience, you earn trust from them and they are very likely to come back to your website again

Do a regular mobile testing

The best thing you can do to make sure your website’s mobile experience is good is to do regular check tests on your mobile device. Open your website on your mobile or tablet and spend some time browsing it around. This is the best way to see if something doesn’t work or I difficult to find. Ask your employees to do the same or consider hiring users to that as well.

Why Is Important To Have a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Exai website builder has the option of creating a mobile-friendly website automatically. By creating a website on Exai and creating the content on your pages, the mobile-friendly version of it will generate as well. You can access the mobile view and make further changes if you wish. The process is fast and easy because Exai’s system prevents you from making a mistake. 

If you already have a website, we have a solution for that too! 

Exai makes a transfer of any website (created on any website builder), to our platform. The look of your website and the SEO stays the same. We update the technology and generate a mobile-friendly website, whereas there are no additional costs for the mobile version. 

You get 24/7 support and maintenance of your website. You will never get an uncomfortable surprise from Google’s algorithms ever again. 

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