Easy and Practical Web Page Navigation

Easy and practical web page navigation is the key to everything from achieving a well structured site map to clearly defining your key words and content.

Managing your websites pages in order to update content and media is vital to maintaining good keyword ranking, increased page views and an engaged audience that keeps coming back for FRESH content. In order to do this you need a CMS that provides intuitive and practical web page navigation tools.

When you have a website with 50+ or 100+ pages, finding the page you want to update quickly and easily can be a challenge. The knock-on effect of not being able to easily populate your pages with FRESH content is that you neglect to do so. In fact you start neglecting your website as a whole because it's just become too time consuming to manage, disorganized and unstructured. This is a common problem. Updating your site on a bi weekly or even weekly basis when it has 10's or even 100's of pages is like trying to manage a heap of data without the correct tools.

Many CMS systems seem to go a long way to complicate matters even more. WordPress along with Joomla are complex enough just keeping up to date with upgrading plugins and trying to figure out which widgets you should be using. The UI in both these systems does not lend itself to easily updating content for larger sites.

So let me introduce you to the latest version of Exai that allows you to navigate your live site from page settings and choose which page/s you want to edit. Viewing your site while at the same time being able to simultaneously make changes to your pages is easy and quick.

This results in helping you to update your website structure with fresh content and media in a user friendly environment. This managed solution means that you can stop worrying about technical glitches and concentrate on building and maintain a satisfied customer base. Lower bounce rates, better engagement and longer surfing times are all the results of easy website management.

The website structure in Exai is accessible by clicking page settings where you can navigate the entire website , making changes to keywords or doing in-depth page editing quickly and effortlessly. Page navigation using the CMS is is clear and very well structured. It also has a very good flow allowing for easy interaction with each page while being able to see the whole site layout at the same time.

What I also like about using a managed solution like this is the ability to provide subcontractors with permissions and roles in the event that I want certain parts of the site updated. All I need to do is set up and assign a role for any subcontractor to start working. So within large companies roles can be assigned to different individuals within specific departments. Content can be updated without messing with the design. Information, like contact details, product updates etc can be done easily and effectively.