How to Fix the HTTP 508 Error On Your Website

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No online business owner likes seeing an error code appear on their website. Whether it's a 404 error or a 507, they all indicate an issue with the server or the client. 

The HTTP Error 508 is another error that can confuse you and keep you on your feet. Although it's not a common HTTP error, it can make your website and web server inaccessible

To help you fix this error, we have prepared this post that explains what the HTTP Error 508 is and a few quick ways to fix it. 

Let's dive in!

What Is the “508 Loop Detected” Error?

The HTTP 508 Loop Detected error is a common HTTP response status code. In short, the HTTP 508 Loop Detected error is caused by a looping script of some kind. This can happen if you have a looping script on your page that includes an external URL. When this happens, browsers will continually try to load the external URL and keep returning the HTTP 508 Loop Detected error.

The HTTP 508 Loop Detected status code can be found in Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari browsers.

This error is quite uncommon. Online business owners are more likely to come across a "too many redirects" error due to mishandling 301 and 302 redirects.

How to Fix the “508 Loop Detected” Error

Although you don't see this response status code on a regular basis, it's relatively easy to fix. Here are four tactics to try to fix the error and get your site back up and running.

Solution #1: Reload the Page

Generally, the 508 Loop Detected status code is a pretty easy fix. The first thing you want to do is try reloading the page by pressing CTRL/CMD – Shift – R to bypass the cache. If the error persists, then jump to solution #2.

Solution #2: Fix Your Caching Plugins

This solution is applicable only if you're using a caching plugin like WP Rocket on your WordPress website. If yes, then follow these instructions:

  • Go to Settings. 

  • Find the buttons that let you clear cache, delete files, and/or regenerate CSS.

  • If you have Cloudflare or another CD account, you'll manage to go into the settings and find the Cache Purge option.

Solution #3: Check Your .htaccess File

If the two tips above didn't help fix the 508 Loop Detected status code, then you need to check your .htaccess file. You'll need an FTP client and a code editor or access to your website's web-based file manager. 

Once you open your .htaccess file, you need to go through each link, particularly if you're using relative links. You want to ensure none of these links are recursive. The same thing should be done if you're using a plugin like 301 redirect. Go into the plugin settings and make sure all the URLs are the same way

Solution #4: Get in Touch With Your Host

If you've tried the three troubleshooting tips above and nothing helped, it might be time to get in touch with your host. They might be able to help you fix the error from their end.

What Is the Error 508 Resource Limit Reached?

This error means that your site is trying to reach the limit of resources allocated for this domain. This is likely due to excessive strain on server CPU and RAM resources. As a consequence, your site will be inaccessible to visitors. 

The error can also be due to unusually high traffic volume or even an attempted DDoS attack. 

If you believe that the surge in traffic is a one-time event, then one option is to wait it out to see if the traffic clears out.

If you're using a shared server or if you're subscribed to the smallest hosting package, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher plan to raise your resource limits. 

But if you're suspicious that the HTTP status code might be due to a DDoS attack, here are some detailed instructions on what to do

Final Word

Getting an error such as the 508 Error on your site can be a stressful thing, especially if you're an online business that's losing thousands of dollars by the second.

When an error renders your site inaccessible, it's crucial that you try to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

To sum up:

  • The HTTP 508 Loop Detected status code is caused by a looping script of some kind.

  • To fix this issue, you should try reloading the page, fix your caching plugins, check your .htaccess file, or get in touch with your host. 

  • The HTTP 508 Resource Limit Reached means that your site is trying to reach the limit of resources allocated for this domain. It's likely due to excessive strain on server CPU and RAM resources.

If you want to brush up on your knowledge of HTTP response status codes, we've put together this comprehensive HTTP status code cheat sheet that's perfect for learning about the different types of codes and their meaning.

And after you're done with all your hard work studying up on these codes, make sure to invest in proper website maintenance services. Regular monitoring and upkeep will ensure that you offer an exceptional customer experience at all times!


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