Exai website solutions for small businesses

We will Fix, Upgrade and Maintain your existing website at all times. Transfer to Exai and elevate your business performance.

Because You Matter!

Website Upgrade Service

No More Fees For Updates And Maintenance

Of Your Business Website!

Do you have an old and outdated website?

Afraid of moving platforms and losing all your SEO? Is it hard for you to update your site?
The Only End-To-End Solution for Upgrading, Hosting and Maintaining your Website.

Exai is the future of small business websites. 

Mobile friendly website

Increase your business visibility and get more customers!

Migrate your website to EXAI and get a mobile-friendly version free of charge!
Without a mobile-friendly version, your website is losing potential customers,
resulting in money loss! We have your back covered! 

WYSIWYG web builder

Edit your website content all by yourself,
with our elegant and simple Drag and Drop Editor!

With our technology, you are in control, and you can finally have a website
that gives your customers the user experience they deserve.

Our WYSIWYG functionality makes updating your site easy and efficient.

You can preview the results while you edit!
Every change made on the desktop version automatically applies to the mobile version.
WYSIWYG: “What You See Is What You Get” live editing - allows you to see
what the end result will look like while your website is being created.
Bulk actions help you change fonts, widgets and much more at once,
 simply and efficiently. 

Alternatives To Wordpress

No More Broken Plugins, No More Broken Websites!

Is updating your Wordpress website becoming time-consuming and you find it
hard to manage?
Are you looking for an alternative to Wordpress?

Exai provides the easiest and cost-effective solution to breaking
free from platforms like WordPress, and Joomla, that are too complex and
difficult to manage.

We update and optimize your website automatically, keeping it up to

Google standards at all times. Our powerful drag and drop editor helps you

easily create and edit your site. Subscription includes backups and plugins.

The Only End-To-End Solution  For Building, Hosting And Maintaining Your Website

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Exai is...

A promise to you that we make your customers experience better in every way. We go the extra mile, to have a flexible editor, to save your time and resources, so you can build your business as good as possible. It’s the website builder built with love.

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