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Mobile Friendly Website

Not sure what Mobile Friendly Website means for your business?We have your back covered! Every website built on Exai is mobile friendly .That means your text is readable, and images can be clearly seen on any handheld mobile device.

Not having a mobile friedly website means You’ll Lose Business

You’re losing a lot of customers because your website is not mobile friendly? 

EXAI creates a mobile version of your site. So visitors can view and access your site from any mobile device.

You can also optimize the design of the  mobile version of your site. It's fully editable and allows full flexibility to change your mobile layout.

Your WordPress Responsive site leaving out important calls to action? 

A responsive site has drawbacks like leaving out elements and call to actions that are crucial to your users. Exai's editor let's you decide what you want your users to see instead of being forced to adapt to whatever a responsive design gives you. 

Google May Penalize You if You Don’t Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Google Punishing You for not having A Mobile-Friendly Website? Exai automatically generates a mobile friendly website for you complying with Googles latest updates.

Technical Support

Don’t know how to get your site mobile enabled?

Exai provides you with a mobile version of your site automatically.

Difficult updating your website from your mobile device? 

With Exai you can edit your website using WSIWIG drag and drop functionality from any mobile device.

Look and feel cannot be optimised causing lower conversions and high bounce rates?

 In Exai you can edit your website in one place and set the mobile view on other devices to suite your needs

Your mobile site loading too slow? So you’re losing customers?

 Exai uses CDN as a means to make your website load faster, reducing those bounce rates due to slow performance.

Is having a separate mobile website becoming too time consuming to manage?

 You have 2 websites to update-the desktop and mobile. Exai’s solution allows you to edit the mobile version of your website and have it in sync with your desktop version.  

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