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Alternatives To Wordpress

Transferring your website from WordPress or Joomla has never been easier. 

Whether you want top save costs on website maintenance or looking for a new  modern design for your site, Exai has the solution.

Exai AI extracts all website images and page structure into your selected template to form the basis to your new website.
All your  SEO remains intact.

  • Exai AI extracts all your origonal website images and page structure automatically
  • No risk- Your original website remains live until you're ready to point your domain to the new site
  • Safe- You get a 20 day free trial using the new template before choosing to upgrade
  • Text and content can be easily manually copied to the new template. 
  • Cut down over 50% of the work effort associated with website redesign 
  • Cost saving: Fixed monthly or annual cost, Fully managed, updated and maintained
  • On Page SEO .  Your SEO remains intact (Pages, Page descriptions, Meta Tags...the entire sitemap)
  • Select START NOW from the homepage and Select A Template to begin your 20 day free trial
  • Choose the platform you want to convert e.g. WORDPRESS
  • Exai duplicates all your images and website structure into the new template
  • Easily begin populating your text (paste) into each page or select one of approved partners to Do It For You.
Your Current Website becoming Too Time Consuming and Hard to Manage 

Feeling frustrated about the amount of time you’re spending on WordPress upgrades, updates and other stuff? 
You never have to make updates or look for what to upgrade because in Exai we take care of doing that for you in the backend. We manage updates, plugins etc so that you can focus on your look/feel and SEO.

Wordpress Plugin giving you problems? You have to go through the ordeal of trying to figure out which add-ons are either incompatible/compatible with your theme.  Add to that the fact that the more plug-in you install the more the website performance suffers.  

Using Exai you never have to worry about plugin incompatibility. We continuously do quality checks ensuring that you have the best website performance and latest plugin updates.

Hard to manage your WordPress site because it is not What You See Is What You Get? 
WISIWIG=“what you see is what you get” means  Live editing. It allows a to see what the end result will look like while your website is being edited  

Difficult to manage the pictures on your website because you don’t have a central gallery? Exai provides you with one central gallery where you can organize your images via folder categories that you define, where they can be easily found.


Your website was hacked and you need a programmer to restore it? 
All EXAI websites are Fully Secure and Backed Up.

You bought a template and now it is hard to configure in a hosting facility? 
We manage the backend and the hosting so you can design your front end. No configuring is necessary. 

Your hosting facility does not provide 99% up time or your website has a low upload speed?
 EXAI uses redundant facility for uptime, and a content delivery distributed servers that deliver Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user. 

Speed is low because your website does not sit on multiple domains? 
Common browser can send 6 request on parallel that is why EXAI scripts and CSS is split to multiple domains.


You thought that WordPress was free only to be disappointed? 
With EXAI there is ONE fixed cost, and no surprises.


Web Designer Jobs

Need work doing web design? Cut out time consuming and frustrating tenders. Get paid. Exai acts as an escrow guaranteeing your payment on time! 

Website Redesign Services

Salvage your website. Get affordable Website redesign using Exai’s website builder. Turn your OLD LOOKING website into a modern, fully featured website with a stunning design.