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Create Your Own Website

Tired of paying designers to build or update your site?  Need a website but don’t have the skill to build it yourself? 

You don’t need any prior knowledge or coding when building your website with Exai . You can have a professional looking website up in minutes not days or weeks. 

Worried about overspending and costly updates after it’s built? Causing you to delay taking your business online. 

Exai will provide you with a DIY website builder at ONE FIXED COST. The WYSIWYG drag and drop editor makes editing and updating your site easy and quick.

Simple Process: Choose your template, complete your information and click GET STARTED. Exai will generate a ready-made website for you to start editing immediately. No Credit Card Required.

Alternatives to WordPress

Is your current website is becoming to costly and time consuming to manage? Is it difficult to make site wide changes on WordPress? 

Exai provides you with the most easy and cost effective solution to breaking free from platforms like WordPress that have become too complex and difficult to manage.

Do It Yourself: No programmer required. We use a powerful drag and drop editor to help you create and edit your site. Fixed annual or monthly payment includes backups and plugins.

WYSIWYG: “What You See Is What You Get” live editing. Allows you to see what the end result will look like while your website is being created.

Bulk actions help you change fonts, widgets and even your website color scheme simply and efficiently saving time and making you a more effective site editor.

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Reliable Hosting

Reliable and affordable hosting are not all you get when you create a website on Exai.

You also receive a secure website platform, ongoing support and system maintenance which gives you the ability to focus on building your sites while plugins, security, site speed are overseen by our team of experts. 

A world class solution suited to the needs of small business that want the ability to control content while having the piece of mind that a fully managed solution has to offer.

Mobile Friendly Website

Are you optimized for mobile? Losing business is no fun and if you don’t have a mobile friendly website that’s exactly what you’re doing. 

All websites built on Exai's CMS are Mobile friendly: Exai's CMS is unique because it allows you to edit the mobile version of your website. So your mobile look and feel can be customized differently from desktop. This allows you full flexibility to give your users a better "mobile experience". 

Full WYSIWYG functionality from any mobile device or desktop makes updating your site from either platform easy and efficient. 

Costs: Using Exai’s mobile solution does not cost anything extra, unlike getting a designer or developer to make you a responsive site. You get one fixed cost for using the CMS, A fully managed solution where all updates, plugins etc are updated automatically for you. 

CMS Website Builder

The Core functionality you need creating, deleting, editing and organizing Pages.

Exai allows you to make global changes to all similar widgets with a click..Organizing your pages in a hierarchy from one central dashboard including keywords gives you better control over your content.

We manage backups and updates for you. Online Digital Asset Management (pictures) and setting roles and permissions in an instant.

Website Redesign Services

Not sure how to find the right website design specialist for your business? Resulting in delaying your project?
Exai will find a web design specialist for you.  

Is your Website looking old? Worried it will cost you too much to redesign?
Because Exai automates most of the site creation and design process our partners can pass the cost saving onto you. 
All our Prices are transparent and geared towards SMB’s on a budget. 

My designer wants me to pay him up front? Do know that he will deliver?
Exai acts as an escrow between yourself and your Exai partner. Your designer only gets paid when the work is done. 

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