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Web Developer Jobs

Easy money  for web site developers: Use your skills for converting WordPress websites onto Exai's platform. Web developers can access a huge marketplace where customers need a cost effective and easy to manage solution and want to move away form WordPress urgently! 

Web developers manage Website Conversion and need a good background in HTML/CSS/PHP so that they can replicate the original website as accurately as possible. 

Finding work won’t be a problem anymore! 

Get paid on time: Exai acts as an escrow guaranteeing your payment on time and we assign you customers with an immediate need for your service! 

No more time wasters: Cut out time consuming and frustrating online tenders and start work on pre-paid relevant projects. 

Exai's Web Builder gives you efficiency, speed and reliability.

Exai Saving you hours of time and makes it easy to add and design content quickly and efficiently. 

Efficient and quick: Your time is money! Efficiency is vital. Work on a project basis not hourly. So the less time it takes to complete a project the more you make. 

Make use of Bulk actions for speed and accuracy. You can assign properties page wide or even site wide in one click. Fonts, Spacing, Colors all preset to apply anywhere on your site. 

What's the process?

Paying close attention  to code, image spacing, sizing , colours and fonts are all important parts of Website Conversion. Most of our customers come from WordPress Websites and are looking for an alternative to WordPress that's cost effective and easy to use. This is what Exai offers. 

Partners need to check the scope of work the client has chosen. Our pricing and specs are precise, so if a client chooses a 20 page site conversion package, that’s what you need to deliver. All Payment is made upfront by the client to Exai who acts as an Escrow until the project is completed. This clearly establishes the budget and specs for each project (see pricing). 

Step 1: Client must submit the original websites . The website design should adopt the same look and feel to the websites the client has submitted. Things like home page layout, inner page layout, font size and topography and site colours are important. 

Step 2: You as the partner should assess all design requirements before beginning the project.  

Step 3: The Client will undertake to provide all required images/media and logo for the website. These will be provided upfront to the partner via email. Work on the website cannot begin without company logo and images. DESIGN 

Step 4: You, as the partner will be responsible for contacting the client with any design issues that may arise. 

Step 5: Review and approval stage A cycle of reviewing, tweaking and approving the website  takes place until both client and partner are satisfied with the design. This is the easiest time to make changes. 

Be sure the client is satisfied with their website. The project should leave both you and the client satisfied, with no burned bridges. At this stage the client should approve the website.

Step 6: Polishing and pre-launch Polishing a basically completed design can make a big difference. Here, you can identify parts of the website that could be improved in small ways. 

Step 7: POST-LAUNCH Hand off to client so they can manage their site. 

Step 8: Partner is paid by Exai using our billing system. You can withdraw funds from your balance to your bank account or credit card. 

RISKS and Disputes 

What happens in the case of a dispute between the client and designer? In the case of a disputes between partner and clients, Exai will adjudicate to ensure fair business terms for both partners and clients. Exai has all the meta data on each project and keeps track of the design process on the system. We have full tractability to judge fairly in the case of any disputes. 

Agree on ongoing responsibilities 

Partners should maintain a relationship with the client, though; checking in a month down the road to make sure everything is going smoothly is often appreciated. 

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