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Web Designer Jobs

Finding work and getting paid are your 2 biggest challengers as a Web Designer. 

Find Work: On Exai's marketplace clients choose to hire web designers because  they have the flexibility to continue managing their website on their own.

Web Designers  trust the escrow service that offers them with a pre-approved a budget and guaranteed payment against work completed.

No more time wasters! Cut out time consuming and frustrating online tenders and start work on pre-paid and relevant projects. 

How you make money: Websites can be outsourced to you for design, in which case you receive a one-off flat fee (according to our pricing structure). In addition to this if the website being designed is your client, you also receive recurring commission for hosting.

Get paid on time: Exai acts as an escrow guaranteeing your payment on time and we assign you customers with an immediate need for your service! 

The Web Builder: Made for web designers that want efficiency and accuracy.

Efficient and quick: Make use of Bulk actions for speed and accuracy. You can assign properties page wide or even site wide in one click. Fonts, Spacing, Colors all preset to apply anywhere on your site. 

Mock-ups: You don’t have to be spending hours making different mock-ups for approval. Every EXAI website can be cloned then you can make changes on the clone sites so that you can display a different version of the site.  

See more about the process below.

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What's the process?

A PROCESS inspires confidence! As an Exai partner you will need to commit to our process. We put a process in place to protect you, the partner and the reputation of the marketplace. A process leaves less room for disputes, it shows professionalism and in the end will bring you more work. Exai does keep a record of changes, edits and correspondence between partner and client.

Clients trust a process that verifies the project gets done correctly! It's a win-win situation.

This is the basic process that you need to follow:

Partners must pay attention to the scope of work the client has chosen. Our pricing and specs are precise, so if a client chooses a 1-7 page site with two mockups, that’s what you need to deliver. 

All Payment is made upfront by the client to Exai who acts as an Escrow until the project is completed. This clearly establishes the budget and specs for each project (see pricing).

Step 1: Client must submit up to 3 websites of how they would like their site to look. A range of websites to analyse helps you to choose the best fit for the client. The website design should adopt a similar look and feel to the websites the client has submitted. Things like home page layout, inner page layout, font size and topography and site colours are important for the mockup you make.


Step 2: You as the partner should assess all design requirements before doing mockups. You will need to do 2 site mockups. One for the Home Page and One for any inner page. Additional mockups if needed will need to be ordered separately by the client.

Step 3: The  Client will undertake to provide all images/media and logo for the website. These will be provided upfront to the partner via email. Work on the website cannot begin without company logo and images.  


Step 4: The main deliverables at this stage is a mockup of the website on Exai, a visual representation. The site will not have content at this stage. 

Two Mockups should be made for each  page layout. One for the home page and  one for any inner page. This way the client can see exactly what they will be getting.

Let's say you have a home page with one layout and four other inner pages all with the same layout (which is actually an inner page layout). 

You would then make one mockup for each: 

Home page- Mockup 1 

Inner page - Mockup 2 

Designing mock-ups in Exai allows for relatively easy modification, it keeps the design elements organized in layers, and it primes you for making minor changes later on. 

Step 5: Review and approval stage 

A cycle of reviewing, tweaking and approving the mock-ups takes place until both client and partner are satisfied with the design. This is the easiest time to make changes.

Clients can receive up to one sub mockup per design made. So for example the client can request changes to the design. This will result in a sub mockup being presented to the client again for approval.

Be sure the client is satisfied with the product.  The project should leave both you and the client satisfied, with no burned bridges. 

At this stage the client should approve the design.

Step 6: Polishing and pre-launch 

Polishing a basically completed design can make a big difference. Here, you can identify parts of the website that could be improved in small ways. 


Hand off to client so they can add content and publish their site. 

Step 8: Partner is paid by Exai using our billing system. You can withdraw funds from your balance to your bank account or credit card.

RISKS and Disputes

What happens in the case of a dispute between the client and  designer?


In the case of a disputes between partner and clients, Exai will adjudicate to ensure fair business terms for both partners and clients. Exai has all the meta data on each project and keeps track of the design process  on the system. We have full tractability to judge fairly in the case of any disputes.

Agree on ongoing responsibilities 

Partners should maintain a relationship with the client, though; checking in a month down the road to make sure everything is going smoothly. This is often appreciated. 

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