We rely heavily on partners to help 
customers with their websites!


The partner program that gives you ongoing streams of revenue and sets you apart from the competition !

Exai Partners Program

Finding work and getting paid are the two biggest problems facing website professionals in today's competitive environment. SO Exai designed a program that brings you the work you're looking for and makes sure that you get paid on time.

Exai's marketplace is thriving because of the incoming demand from websites generated by Website Re-sellers, Distributors and DIY website owners. Many need additional services like help designing, updating and doing SEO on Exai Websites. They are looking for you! 

Our Escrow program ensures that the customer has the budget and that you'll get paid. Exai's ensures that all awarded projects are paid for upfront by customers who trust the process and high work standards ,Exai guarantees them. 

For website RE-SELLERS we provide a recurring commission based program that sees you earning ongoing commissions for the lifetime of each website created and paid on Exai.

Browse our different partner programs below to find the right fit for you! 

Web Designer Jobs

Need work doing web design? Cut out time consuming and frustrating tenders. Get paid. Exai's market place helps to match your skills with jobs that need getting done!

SEO Jobs

Is getting paid on time a problem? Finding work and getting client commitment difficult? Exai’s marketplace matches your services directly with clients that need quality SEO.

Website Resellers

Big commissions are what keeps you in business. So we created a unique program for you! Choose to run our website reseller program that pay's recurring revenue, has big demand and no upfront fees to get started!

Web Developer Jobs

Website migration is the next  big thing for Web Developers. Use your skills to make easy money.  SMB's who need to move away from WordPress and onto Exai need experts with a good knowledge of code.


Got stunning photographs to sell? Looking for a steady flow of income for your photo studio? Joining Exai’s Ecosystem gives you the chance to showcase your work and sell your photos!

Reduce Costs 

Design efficiently

Professional looking website

Change the look and feel in one click.

Work together to save time and money

Please note that Exai reserves the right to suspend your account at any time in accordance with our agreement. In the event of your account being suspended or ceasing to continue the partnership, Exai will honour all ongoing payments indefinitely with your paying customers who continue to use the service. Please read PARTNER TERMS before proceeding to complete the form.

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