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Website Widgets

Widgets allow you to add content to your page without having to write any code yourself. They are all drag and drop from your dashboard and automatically resized on your webpage for efficiency and ease of use.

Exai widgets come with the ability to apply the design for one widgets to all other widgets in the same category. So if you make a change to one widget by changing its properties (eg height) you can now apply the changes to all similar widgets (which are assigned together, by their structure) on your page or on the whole site. 

Each Widget within the Drag and Drop Dashboard has a Description and Function. By hovering over the widgets within your dashboard you will be able to see what each item does. Its function and role. 

In Exai, a widget is a piece of code that can be easily placed anywhere on your website, such as a sidebar, body of website and the footer zone. Examples of widgets include navigation menus, image galleries, ads, videos, and content blocks. 

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