Our Features

Website Protection

Exai is fully managed and maintained so there is no need to make any updates to the software or provide maintenance to the system.

This includes regular security checks and backups. We take care of all your hosting, technical requirements on Exai so that you can focus on building your site. Exai also allows version tracking so you can see who made changes and when. These are just some of the features that Exai offers when it comes to CMS security. 

No more plugin problems or bloatware. Exai tests all plugins before making them available to users making sure there no clashes when you them.

A hacked website can be a major problem and expense.  A hacked site is one of the most costly problems to repair. Try $2500 and up.Because Exai’s CMS is fully managed all security updates, monitoring and backups are managed for you. Exai actively monitors your website and makes backups across multiple servers ensuring your site does not remain vulnerable to hackers.We use a redundant solution that insures your site never goes down? So you will not lose customers due to your site not being available.

Exai's billing functionality is fully PCI compliant.  and provides charge back management and fraud prevention. 

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