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Web Fonts

Make your language visual!

Web fonts define the look and feel of your site. Exai gives you the range of Google Fonts with accurate font weights, pitch and spacing.

Exai’s range of free fonts give you the design edge when using different languages. We provide you the correct font based on the language you choose. Japanese, Chinese and Korean are also included. 

Making your language visual gives your website a lot of character. With so many fonts available knowing how to choose the right one for your site can be difficult. Exai allows you to see different fonts in our FONT GALLERY before choosing. You can maintain Consistency between Pages by applying the same font design or a different one to your pages in one click.

Because preferences for how your site should look vary from person to person web fonts play a major role in helping you define how to differentiate your site and connect with your audience.

With so many fonts available on the web it can become confusing and frustrating trying to choose what works for you. Then there’s cost. Buying web fonts can cost anywhere from $50 and up for a set, on Exai they're free.

For web designers that work tirelessly to find the best font and then convince their client, discovering that that they’re missing important font accents can mean the end of a relationship.

Productivity and ease of use is another important benefit of choosing Exai’s CMS to build your site. With Exai you don’t have to spend hours looking around for variations in fonts. Do deal with some of these problems we provide you with a font gallery that shows you everything from the font type, font weight to different font accents and styles. Exai has 100’s of font types to choose from and they are included in our web hosting package. so there are no out of pocket expenses to weigh you down.

Changing all your website fonts across the whole website with a single click action gives you one of the most powerful and efficient features in Exai’s CMS.

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