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On Page SEO

Just because you found an amazing looking template does not mean your site will be crawled and indexed by Google. Many Small Business Websites  cannot be found in on line searches because their websites earn a Google page rank of zero.

When dealing with managing content for different websites, each industry has specific needs. Having the flexibility to make changes quickly is imperative and we want those changes, particularly content changes to produce results. This is where Exai's CMS and SEO come into play. 

The benefits of using Exai to promote SEO and drive organic traffic to your site include:

  • Providing clean, well designed and formatted code for the entire website
  • Easy to use keyword editing for each page and website
  • Exai optimizes keyword data, meta descriptions and page titles automatically enabling your website to stand out from the rest. 
  • Proper XML site mapping 
  • Easily add Google analytics to your website ,within website/page settings
  • Using Google's best SEO practises: by default the EXAI website builder takes the keywords as the page name and the website name 

SEO Jobs

Finding work and getting client commitment difficult. Exai’s marketplace matches your services directly