Our Features

Images For Your Website

Exai provides you with a huge database of free website images and gives you the ability to easily label and categorize them. 

Good image management can speed up a project, prevent design headaches, and most of all, help you in designing a stunning looking website.

Images, when used correctly, can be very powerful. While it may seem like a simple step within the design process, it can prove to be one of the longest and most difficult when there are image management issues.

Providing properly saved, well-labeled, and organized images,logos and PDF files can eliminate many difficulties along the way. Storing, labeling and organizing your images in Exai's image gallery helps you to apply digital asset management best practice and gives you the tools to do it.

Using the Image Gallery you can also find  images by searching via keyword and categorizing your images for every website in its own folder giving you improved efficiency. You can also store PDF documents in the image gallery for use on any page (product specs for example).

Image manipulation including cropping and optimizing any uploaded image is an additional way of streaming the design process. You won’t need Photoshop and other tools. Exai gives you everything under one roof.

Media and Load Speed: Free use of image gallery containing 1000’s of pictures, Google fonts, editing tools and high performance CDN’s (Amazon CloudFront) to deliver fast loading speeds for your site and full back up.