Our Features

Easy Website Management

Exai is built around the user. We want every part of the CMS to be user friendly. Exai put's all the tools at your disposal to make user management easy and intuitive.

  • You can manage multiple websites from one account. 
  • You can use the bulk editor to streamline your website workflow for better efficiency.
  • User friendly image management. Store and Locate your images by file name. 
  • Set permissions and assign roles so you can give other users permission to edit or manage their site.
  • Use the Billing platform to manage your subscriptions and all your payment activities. Lower your transaction costs while achieving global reach.
  • If you mistakenly delete a widget , automatically retrieve it from the recycle bin.
  • Manage and navigate your sites pages from the page settings dashboard. Makes managing large websites easy.

More on Bulk Editing:

Making changes to your website can be 100% faster and more accurate .Exai's bulk editor lets you simultaneously modify multiple widgets and their properties in one click from your Exai dashboard.   

Bulk editing means you can now edit once and apply many times reducing work effort by more than 80%. 

Any widget can be duplicated (a map item, image item, media item, form item etc.) to your clipboard storage area .Edit a widget once and distribution anywhere you want on your site. This makes editing and creating your website extremely efficient. 

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