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Drag and Drop

Engage more with content without being dependent on a developer. Exai’s drag and drop editor gives you complete flexibility in a visual based setting. 

The drag and drop editor is a true helper. You can edit content yourself with our WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get), giving you complete freedom in a visual-based environment. 

The goal is to help you create pages effortlessly and quickly. You can immediately see what you are doing, and no knowledge of codes is required,
and furthermore you are not bound down by any predesigned templates. 

• Gives you Instant visibility as you create your pages 
• Easier to modify templates and pages 
• Speed - you can create a business website in 1 hour or less 
• Simplicity - drag & drop functionality means you drag widgets onto your canvas from your dashboard and edit them with content and images.
• Multi-editor - ability to have multiple authors working on your site. 

It’s a true helper because you can engage more with content and don't have to be dependable on a developer. 

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