About the Company

After 4 years of working with artificial intelligence, EXAI was founded in 2012 to enhance the online presence of small businesses by providing A Website CMS that’s simple and flexible to use. 

Websites can be created almost instantaneously from current Facebook pages or other user-owned resources. These can be complemented by proprietary or Gallery images. Existing websites that are not up-to-date can also be converted to EXAI’s efficient structure to make it easy for Google and other search engines to locate the key elements they seek for indexing and ranking.

Once on the EXAI platform, any website is easy to update using the built-in WYSIWYG editor and Drag-and-Drop convenience. No special design or programming expertise is required. And all of EXAI’s websites are automatically optimized for mobile devices. 

Exai distinguishes itself as an alternative to WordPress. A solution that offers Businesses Worldwide a secure, cost effective and scalable solution for advancing their online presence. 

Close to 50 000 businesses around the world use Exai to create and maintain their websites the way they want. With the ability to work from any device and flexibly to use in house or outsourced resources within, Exai is transforming the difficult to manage Website Industry into An Easy, flexible and affordable alternative to WordPress and other website CMS systems that are complex and expensive to manage. 

Our core values include creating easy-to-use, secure and cost efficient products that can enhance the online experience and usability of Small and Medium Sized Businesses worldwide.  






A tight knit team that’s committed to transforming how Small Businesses can gain access to Do It Yourself technology. 

Gal Moran, CEO: EXAI was founded by Gal Moran, a businessman with a background in advanced mathematics and statistical analysis. 

In 2012, EXAI, which received $15 million in investment capital to develop the most advanced website conversion technology on the market. 

Other members of the management team include: 

Jonathan Diamond, VP Sales, Marketing and Content Creation

Or Moran, Dev Ops Expert 

Nina Mazel,  Support 

Other members of the management team include:

  • Tzvika Agassi, COO 
  • Shy Rosenzweig, CMO 
  • Eran Shatzman, VP Business Development 
  • Ethan Pogrebizsky, CTO

Gal Moran


EXAI welcomes strategic partners to take part in our growth.

For more details, please contact: Gal Moran, CEO, gal@exai.com