EXAI Ltd. Purchases Domain Registrar BlackIceDomains

EXAI will now be providing its users with the option of acquiring .com and .net domains

EXAI Ltd., an online presence solutions company, has announced their purchase of domain registrar, BlackIceDomains. This deal will make it possible for all EXAI users to buy “.com” and “.net” domains directly from EXAI rather than directing previously purchased domains to the company’s server. 

“We are very excited about the acquisition of BlackIceDomains,” says EXAI CEO, Gal Moran. “Offering domain purchasing and management services together with our superior website building technology provides our clients with a more efficient web solution.” Current BlackIceDomains users’ accounts will automatically be transferred to EXAI, with no action or change required on their part. The domain blackicedomains.com will also automatically be forwarded to http://www.exai.com/domain-management, where EXAI will soon feature their new domain purchasing interface. 

EXAI’s website builder uses artificial intelligence technology to produce multiple websites in real time by converting a user’s data (business field, logo, slogan, etc.), complemented by data from EXAI’s databases. After users choose one of the unique designs personally created for them, they will be directed to the website builder’s drag & drop interface – a WYSIWYG system that allows for easy editing, design, and content updating. The website builder also automatically creates a mobile version of its websites. EXAI users can build professional, content-rich websites without the need of expert programming or web design skills.

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