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EXAI Launches New Facebook App

Not only can EXAI technology allow a user to create a website as easily and as simply as they can create a fan page, but now a user can do so directly from within their Facebook account. With only a click of a button, you can turn your fan page into a matching website and mobile site.

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EXAI Ltd. Purchases Domain Registrar BlackIceDomains

EXAI Ltd. has announced their purchase of domain registrar, BlackIceDomains. This deal will make it possible for all EXAI users to buy “.com” and “.net” domains directly from EXAI rather than directing previously purchased domains to the company’s server. 

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EXAI Announces New Affiliate Program for Website Builder

Affiliates will now be able to profit from EXAI's RevShare and CPA Deals

EXAI has announced a new program for affiliate partners. Affiliates will now be offered several business models in which they will be able to earn high commissions from directed users who purchase a website via EXAI's flagship website builder.

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EXAI Announces a Deal with Serbian Yellow Pages

EXAI's website builder will be used by the largest yellow pages company in Serbia & Montenegro

EXAI and have signed a strategic agreement in which will create websites for their clients using EXAI Corporate Site Builder, EXAI's artificial intelligence site builder.

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EXAI Announces New Partnership with Adequant

EXAI Ltd. provides site building services to Adequant

EXAI Ltd., an online presence solutions company, has announced a new partnership with Russian Internet agency, Adequant. In a deal estimated to be worth over 3M USD, Adequant will now have the right to establish a dealer/cooperation network in the website development industry using EXAI's corporate site builder.

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EXAI Launches New Brand and Product

EXAI Ltd. is launching their new brand and technology at the Internet World 2012 convention in London

Entrepreneur Gal Moran has announced the launch of EXAI Ltd., an online presence company providing SMBs and SMB directories with artificial intelligence-based solutions. EXAI will be demonstrating their brand and technology at the Internet World 2012 convention on April 24th 2012.

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EXAI Blog Articles

Facebook App Success Story

A month after the launch of our newest web solution – a revolutionary app that turns Facebook pages into websites – we would like to share one of our client’s success stories. At the same time, we will show you how this client used the DESIGN option to edit her website exactly to her liking.

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How to Use EXAI's New Facebook App

With EXAI’s new app, you can create a website directly from your Facebook fan page or profile. In this article we show you a step by step tutorial on how to create your ultimate online presence so that you can have a website and mobile site that completely match your Facebook design.

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How to Add Items with EXAI Website Builder

In this website design tutorial, we’re going to focus on what items you can add to your website using EXAI’s website builder. From videos to slideshows to flash, you can add almost any feature you’d like to your website to make it interactive and give the impression of a professional web design. 

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How to Add Photo Effects with EXAI Website Builder

In this website design tutorial, we’re going to focus on how to edit your images using the special effects in EXAI’s website builder. Images are essential in any website. They enhance your design and capture your visitors’ attention.

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SoLoMo - Social, Local, Mobile

SoLoMo has emerged from hyperlocal search, the IP mapping of PCs that provides users searching for local information with results in their area. SoLoMo refers to the recently available mobile version of these local search engine results.

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The Easiest Way to Create a Website

Internet has evolved to be the main source of information around the globe. Maintaining an efficient, multi-platform website plays a crucial part in a business' success.

There are several options you will find to be effective in creating your business website, or online presence.

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