The Only End-To-End Solution for Building, Hosting and Maintaining your Website 

Migrate your existing website to Exai. One time payment!
We work harder, we do it better!

Up to 20 pages
inc. Logo, Image & Text


  Up to 40 pages 
inc. Logo, Image & Text


Up to 100 pages
inc. Logo, Image & Text


How are we doing it?

  1. We replicate your existing website to Exai, exactly the same as it is. 
  2. Additional changes can be made to the item's position, color, design or layout. In case you want a complete re-design, we can take care of that too! 
  3. We manage the upgrades, plugins and your website's SEO, that meets search engine needs.
  4. You need neither technical nor coding skills. Exai will keep your website up and running, always updated and reliable.

Still not sure how this works? No worries, after purchasing any of the website transferring packages, an Exai representative will get in touch with you for further instructions.