10 reasons why to join Exai.com registered designers

     1.Design flexibility

How many times, your clients asked you to set changes at their website, even after approving the design?

If you wish to keep your client satisfied, you where needed to set some changes, html, or explain carefully that you can’t. By now you have lost hours, and continues back and forward emails after final approving. Exai.com allows you design flexibility:

Changing the layout, sizes; replace locations 

Between items and more.

You can do it easily online with the client. 

EXAI Will save you time and increase your client confidence with your work.

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    3.Mobile with 1 admin panel

Exai.com enables you to manage on one admin 

Panel both web & mobile site. As a designer/site builder

working with EXAI will increase your prestige and reputation.

The menu navigation is web 2.0 style.

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Do you know how many clients do you have?
if you have more than 10 (we wish you to have 
10 times more).
You will need a tool to manage websites, 

contacts, domain expired, authorization, packages and much more...


CRM software cost's money, as a register designer

at Exai.com you will have it for free as a tool to 

help you manage your client better and sell more!



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Copy, cut, paste and delete enables you to easily

set the layout. Simply drag and drop. We told you that we will save you time and money.


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    9. 300,000 pictures & images 


As you probably know, using pictures and images

      for every website, cost you /your client money...

      Exclusive to Exai.com: 300,000 pictures, 

background and images free to use for Exai.com register designers.

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     2.Import from Facebook

In 1 click you can import all clients’ content from

His fan page:


Content, posts, Logo, pictures and more. 

How many hours have we just saved you now? 

5, 10, 20 hours on the avg’ for each client - maybe more. 

How much your hour cost?  Now You can do the math.

How many times you needed to chase after your client to get images, and content to finish the

design and to deliver the website?

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Exai.com enables you to set rules, determine 

what the client can.

or can’t do with admin panel. It will improve your 

Customer service and make it time effective.



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     6.Gallery and previews works:

Many clients looks at your gallery and ask you to build for them a similar website to their 

competitor, friend or a different sample. 

If you don’t work on other platform you must set 

the code from start each time.

On other platform you must look for the same template and then import the content.

Exai.com enables you to clone new website in 1 click. Just pick the website you want to clone.

Click on clone button and you have new website. 

Didn’t we say that we want to save you money?

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     8.Seo ready

Exai.com enables designers/clients

to manage their SEO effort easily.


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     10. More time= more clients

Exai.com enables you save up to 90% from cost effective for each project.

There for the 1000 top ranking designers will get design jobs posted by Exai’s clients.

Every registered designer will be listed at our directory with his gallery, client’s comments, and contest score.

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